SSM and Persecution

Madeline – dismissed for defending marriage as being between a man and a woman

Hardly a day goes by without the Australian news media relating something about the current voting taking place about whether to allow same sex marriage (SSM). Despite placards saying ‘love is love’ waved about by the proponents of SSM, we discover frequent unloving and shameful treatment of those who speak up in favour of ‘traditional marriage’. It’s called persecution.

The latest incident is of Madeline, an 18-year-old Christian girl, who was dismissed from her job working with children for saying on her private media page that ‘it’s okay to vote no’. Her employer, Madlin Sims, owner of Capital Kids Parties, defended her decision to dismiss Madeline because “advertising your desire to vote no for SSM is, in my eyes, hate speech”. A media article today[i] stated that,

Ms Sims published a Facebook comment yesterday clarifying that the person she had “fired” was a contractor and suggested that she could not risk letting that person work around young children because she might pass on her views. 

What are the dangerous views the employee might pass on to children? That marriage ought to be between a man and a woman! Wow, how terrible is that! A view of marriage held by western civilisation for two thousand years is now is now a cause for being ‘fired’.

Ms Sims yesterday told the ABC’s Hack that she stood by her decision to “let go” Madeline, suggesting she was taking “damage control before it happened” despite no parents complaining about the issue.

There you have it: “damage control before it happened”. The employer felt she needed to take pre-emptive action to prevent something normal and sensible being passed on to children.

Ms Sims said it was “homophobic” to vote No in the postal survey, but conceded her decision to stop employing Madeline was “bigoted”. “What I did was bigoted,” she said. “But is it worse for me to be a bigot fighting for the rights of homosexuals or is it worse for her being a bigot telling people they can’t have equality?”

This employer’s actions are part of growing pressure for Christians to comply with the so-called ‘political correctness’ pushed by the homosexual and gender-bender lobby and their main stream media supporters. Businesses and government departments are increasingly allying themselves to this political correctness nonsense.

For example, recently an IT specialist working on the contentious Safe Schools program, which works to normalise homosexual and suchlike alternative lifestyles, was sacked for daring to express some concerns about it. His employer accused him of “creating an unsafe work environment” by expressing traditional views.

Then there is the example of the Christian public servant in Victoria who complained because he was pressured to take part in a ‘gay pride’ march. He asked to be taken off the email list of the department’s LGBTI network because he found the emails offensive. Consequently, he was issued a notice to show why he should not be disciplined.

An Alice Springs teacher was threatened with disciplinary action last year for expressing opposition to same-sex marriage on a Facebook forum. In Adelaide, a university student was “suspended after offering to pray for a student who was stressed over her workload and later voicing his opinion about homosexuality”.[ii] And so, the list goes on: the examples of Christian persecution relating to political correctness ‘offences’ both here and abroad are legion.

Revelation 13 speaks of the time when those who do not have the name or the mark of the beast will be unable to buy or sell. Our forefathers in this country referred to this text in the 1950s and 1960s when they found themselves out of a job because of their refusal to join secular trade unions with their Marxist ideology. Since that time, we’ve enjoyed a cruisy run. But there are indications the honeymoon is over. Today we are witnessing Christians losing their jobs because of their refusal to comply with a political correctness ideology that is not unrelated to Marxism – a satanically-motivated movement aimed at destroying the vestiges of Christianity from western society.

Yet we hold fast the knowledge of the Lordship of Christ who rules over all as head of His church. To Him has been given all dominion in heaven and earth. And so we see also in the increasing antagonism towards those who defend the truth of His Word the footsteps of the Lord, for these things have been foretold. Indeed, when we pray ‘come, Lord Jesus, Maranatha’ we do so in anticipation that the persecutions will increase as Satan sees the time he has left diminishing rapidly (Rev. 12:12). But through it all we will look forward with eager expectation for the coming of the Lord, the Bridegroom of the church, who will usher her as His bride into the eternal paradise of God.



[i] Joe Kelly, “Same-sex marriage scandal: job lost over No vote”, The Australian, September 20, 2017.

[ii] Rebecca Urban, “Christians under siege, religious freedom enquiry hears”, The Australian, May 6, 2017.