Synod Armadale 2012 – Final decision about the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands (RCN)


Article 142 –

I.        Final Decision:

  1. To present to the RCN an official admonition stating our concerns.This admonition will be a statement of weighty objections with respect to the doctrine and practice of the RCN in line with the rules for sister church relations.
    1. Deputies to arrange for a clear and accurate Dutch translation of the letter of admonition to the RCN to accompany the official English letter of admonition.
    2. To include with the letter of admonition to the RCN all the material referred to in the footnotes, either in hard copy or soft copy.
  2. To express our deep sadness at the lack of progress to resolve our concerns to date so that our relationship is strained.
  3. To advise the consistories of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia to exercise due care with respect to their responsibilities towards those