Defence of the Truth

Holding fast to the Truth, revealed in the Bible and confessed in our 3 forms of Unity

The church of Jesus Christ our Lord is “the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim. 3:15).

The contributors to this website desire, by the grace of God, to stand firm in confessing that truth, the Word of God as summarised in our Three Forms of Unity, and to publish material boldly and clearly in defence of that truth.

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Choose or Lose (1) by D J Bolt

At the end of last season (June 2014) we asked a number of pressing and related questions which in our opinion need to be answered: Is Scripture still safe in the GKv (RCN)? Does the bond of...
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Choose or Lose (2) by D J Bolt

In part one of Choose or lose, more than a month ago, we had a look around in our churches. Then we attended the Synod of Ede which was still dealing with a number of important issues, namely the new ...
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